Do you often feel like you are constantly battling your weight?

Have you tried every weight loss program under the sun and failed?

Are you frustrated that you eat so well, exercise frequently and do all the right things while those around you eat whatever they want and seem to never gain weight?

Well, you are not alone. And it is not your fault!

It is essential to assess the underlying factors that contribute to fat storage rather than fat burning… and this is why the Nourish Me Naturopathy weight loss program is different. We specialise in addressing the underlying causative factors.

Underlying factors may include:

  • Thyroid dysfunction – Your thyroid hormones control the speed of every metabolic pathway in your body – including your ability to burn fat as fuel.
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions Aches and pains, food sensitivities and allergies, diets high in inflammatory foods, result in inflammation throughout your body that will affect your metabolic pathways, thus potentially causing a lowered metabolism and fat burning ability.
  • Gut flora imbalances or an over growth of pathogens – These will affect the way in which your body metabolises food. Many of your hormones are also produced in your digestive tract, so any imbalance will negatively affect hormones.
  • Insulin resistance – This impacts the way in which the body metabolises sugar. With any metabolic disorder, such as insulin resistance, your body tends to store sugar as fat, rather than use it as energy.
  • Chronic stress – High levels of cortisol (a hormone produced during times of stress) will release glucose stores into the blood, which will then store as fat if not burnt during exercise/movement.
  • Reproductive hormonal imbalances – High levels of estrogen in both men and women will store in fat tissue, making fat breakdown more challenging for the body.
  • Toxicity – High levels of environmental toxins and heavy metals have been shown to alter our endocrine system. In addition, these toxins store in fat tissue, and like high estrogen, will halt fat breakdown.
  • Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies – Vitamins and minerals are necessary cofactors in every single metabolic pathway within our bodies. Deficiencies or mineral imbalances will alter these metabolic pathways, potentially leading to impaired fat burning ability.

At Nourish Me Naturopathy we are dedicated to finding the underlying cause as to why you can’t lose weight, or why you can’t keep weight off, and we’ll design an individual weight loss program specifically for you. This program will be tailored to address the underlying causative factors to weight gain, while also identifying your goals and helping you achieve them easily and effortlessly.