Are you ready to release excess weight and experience an improved quality of life?

Food and eating habits that are considered normal these days, so often can cause havoc on our health and waistline. Poor food or simply the wrong food choices for you, can lead to your body’s natural self-regulation becoming highly disrupted and as a result, disease and obesity arising.

Metabolic Balance focuses solely on metabolic health and nutrition – when you address the cause and restore balance to the body, metabolism can be reset, weight will be released and natural health restored.

With Metabolic Balance, you can truly reset your body and lose the weight for good.

Healthy metabolism – healthy body

In short: Metabolic Balance can restore the right balance to your metabolism! That means letting those unnecessary kilos and old habits go.

Healthy body – healthy mind

The right food for you plays an important role, not only for your body, but also for your mind. By fueling yourself correctly you can help increase the efficiency of your brain. You’ll feel energised, fitter, mentally active and can keep up with everyday demands: feeling old and unwell can become a distant memory!


Proven, based on scientific facts and confirmed results

The Metabolic Balance program was founded in 2002 and has since been continuously developed and optimised by scientists. This nutrition program was developed in the medical practice of Dr. Wolf Funfack. It is designed to support the healing of nutritional diseases in a natural way. It is highly successful. Metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, are all unfortunately far too prevalent but may all be managed or even resolved. Participants are also thrilled by the side effect  – effective and sustainable weight regulation.


Positive side effects – yes please!

The Metabolic Balance nutrition program helps to release unhealthy excess weight, creating sustainable and long-term weight regulation – and this is why an independent study has ranked Metabolic Balance as one of the best weight programs.
However, the Metabolic Balance program can do so much more – not only can the right food for you help you achieve your ideal weight, it also paves the way for more health and vitality, especially if you suffer from metabolic or nutrition-related health complaints.
Generally “healthy” people can also improve their vitality by balancing their metabolism. Vitality and resilience to ageing – these are two important components for a better quality of life today.