The Naturopathy Clinic practitioner Diana Panrucker

She has more than 15 years in clinical practice and has treated hundreds of patients across the world.

Her expertise is vast and includes treatment for:

  •    Thyroid Conditions
  •    Graves & Hyperthyroid
  •    Autoimmune Conditions
  •    Lyme Disease
  •    Peri/Post Menopause
  •    Endometriosis & Adenomyosis
  •    Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  •    Hormonal issues

Diana utilizes evidence-based herbal medicine and nutritional compounds to formulate customized treatment programs based on individual requirements.

She is highly skilled at interpreting pathology results which combined with clinical examination, medical history, and symptoms, leads to accurate assessment, successful protocols, and optimal results.

Diana’s passion and desire to help others is driven by her own personal health journey that included managing and overcoming several autoimmune conditions. She understands that life can present as an obstacle coarse and has made it her mission to educate, inspire, empower and equip her patients to achieve their health goals.

Diana is a registered member of Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA), and Nutritional consultations.

Diana’s Treatment Style
Diana is investigative, careful, and methodical. She sees patients frequently, and, is constantly getting feedback on the slightest variations in symptoms to ensure success.
Whilst results may not be an overnight success, her patients’ rave about how incredible they feel within three to six months!
Diana’s patients often come looking for…
  •     Weight Loss – Long Term
  •     Medication Reduction or Elimation
  •     Simultaneous Medical Treatment for Chronic Conditions
  •     Second Options/Opinions to Surgery
  •     Undiagnosed Chronic Inflammation (eg: pain, gastrointestinal issues, extreme fatigue, low immune system)