Above and beyond, Claire feels it is a privilege to be chosen to support patients on their healing journey. She thrives on these opportunities to help patients achieve their health goals through treatment and education.Through her studies Claire has completed comprehensive training in a Bachelor of Health Sciences, specialising in Naturopathic Medicine.Claire’s strength as a clinician is her ability to develop successful, holistic and logical health plans specifically for each patent’s needs. She uses an evidence-based approach to Naturopathic Medicine, along with over 12 years experience as a naturopath to refine her clinical prescriptions.Claire specialises in..

  •    Hormonal Health,
  •    Infertility
  •    Peri/Post menopause
  •    General Family Wellness
  •    IBS, IBD
  •    Gastrointestinal & Digestive Challenges
  •    Thyroid support

Claire is a mother to a 7 year old girl and 5 year old boy, and is passionate about supporting families to thrive.

She strongly believes that great health is the cornerstone for happiness in all aspects of life.

Claire’s Treatment Style

Claire is very much the Family Practitioner at the clinic. She is professional, thorough, and gentle in her treatment.