The Body ReSet Program

We never wanted money to be a reason why our patients couldn't get results.
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The Body ReSet Program is a customised Nutritional Program based on your blood work and your lifestyle.

Tiaan and our team of qualified naturopaths build a customised nutritional plan, based on your blood work and your symptoms.

Step 1: Fill out the Symptom & Medical Questionnaire & Get Your Pathology Completed

In order for us to build a plan that is customised for your body, we will send you a thorough questionnaire and need to get the most recent copy of your pathology. If you haven't had Medicare pathology for more than twelve months, we'll send you a pathology referral letter to request bloods that are helpful from a GP.

Step 2: We build Your Body Reset Plan, then You Get Started

In effort to save money on the cost of practitioner support, we customise your plan and email to you, so you can get started straight away. If we feel supplementation or remedies will be helpful, we'll make a recommendation to have a telehealth consultation (complimentary) to talk through your plan and walk through supplements or herbs to help your levels.

Step 3: Progress through the Body Reset Phases, at your own pace.

Every patient we work with needs a nutritional baseline to achieve their "Body Reset". This program is designed with three to five phases, depending on what your body needs and is all about what you can have.

It's not just the food plan, it's HOW you are eating that makes a big difference. Not every body is the same.

Step 4: Herbal, Micro-nutrient & Remedy Support, with a 20% discount with complimentary Telehealth calls for your prescriptions

How you eat through the day makes a big impact on how you feel and feel. Plus, there's a significant reduction in symptoms when you are supporting your gut, metabolism, and following the right eating plan for your body.

Herbal remedies, bacteria replenishment, and supplementation can be useful and help significantly improve symptoms within the first few months. Your Body Reset will enable reduction of symptoms, but some patients need help early on. If that's you, we standby to support you.

Energy is through the roof. Sleeping through the night. Go to the toilet every day. I've lost 5kgs - all whilst in my last year of menopause!


Energy is through the roof. Sleeping through the night. Go to the toilet every day. I've lost 5kgs - all whilst in my last year of menopause!


I went from 104kg to 97kg so it has been noticeable to myself and my husband who has also lost 10kg!


FAST ACTION BONUS - 12 Months of New Weekly Education from our Team with Exclusive Investigation Research.

From July 2024, our team at The Naturopathy Clinic is taking exclusive content behind a pay wall. Rather than having to having to wait to gain access to special videos, we instantly give you more than 20 hours of educational videos, focusing on Women's Health. Every week, a new video will be available.

And once every three months, our team is featuring a special investigative piece that is only available to our patients. Committing to The Body Reset means you will have unlimited access to this and the ability to submit questions and ideas to us during our education sessions!